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U8 C/D Summer

Summer Program Summer Program
Summer Program x Summer Program

U8 C/D Summer Developmental Program

Our U8 C/D Summer Developmental program is designed to add to the basic skillset they have built up from the previous years on the ice. Skating is even more honed in on with a higher focus on edgework, footwork, and functional skating (Tight turns, crossovers, transitions, etc). Just like the A/B program, Monday’s will be our Skill days, and Thursdays will be our competition days. On Skill Days, players will be divided into 3 or 4 stations and will work on the rest of the skills-foundation - Passing, shooting, puck handling and competition/body positioning. Thursday’s, our Competition day, skaters will be broken up into smaller groups and will have a more competition-focused day with small battles and small area games.