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Recreational Program

Littleton Hockey Association - Recreational Program

LHA offers a Recreational hockey program for each age division. These age divisions are Squirt (U10), Peewee (U12), Bantam (U14), Midget (U16) and This program is designed for those that enjoy hockey but are relatively new to the game or have other interests outside of hockey that simply do not allow them to play competitive hockey. All of our Recreational teams play in and are governed by the rules of the Colorado Recreational Hockey League (CRHL). 

What Makes LHA's Recreational Program Different?

The members of LHA's Recreational Program will receive an average of one 60-70 minute practice during each week and up to three weekend practices per month. The weekday practices will be shared with one to two other LHA Rec teams. Weekend practices can be a combination of shared and full-ice sessions. Most weekday practices are at South Suburban Ice Arena in Littleton, Colorado and in a consistent time slot.

The Recreational teams can participate in three in-state tournaments during the season. Families are responsible for their portion of the tournament entry fee, travel and possible hotel stay.

LHA Recreational Program

The Littleton Hockey Association is dedicating a large amount of its resources to offering a great experience in our Recreational Program. LHA's Rec Teams have been very successful over the years and have hung championship banners at Squirt, Peewee, Bantam and Midget levels. We plan on having up to ten teams participating in the Colorado Recreational Hockey League (CRHL) for the 2018-2019 season.

The Recreational Program starts in September. The first three practices will be used to evaluate the players and draft teams at each level. Weekday practices take place on Tuesday or Wednesday evening. Weekend practice times will vary. Games will not be scheduled until October. The game schedule will be posted as soon as the details are finalized. LHA only controls the start times of home games. It is up to the other associations as to when LHA's "away" games will be played. 

Game Format

Squirt/Peewee/Bantam - 3-minute warm-up, 1 minute between periods (or referee discretion), Two-run time 12 minute periods. Third period will be 12 minute stop time. Immediately following the game, both teams will play 5-puck. 5-puck takes roughly 5-minutes to complete. Teams are allowed one 30-second timeout per game.

Midget - 3-minute warm-up, 1 minute between periods. The 1st and 2nd periods are to be 15 minute run clock. The 3rd period will be 12-minute stop-time. Each team is allowed one 30-second timeout per game.

Mercy Rule (Bantam/Midget) - In the event of a score differential of 5 or more goals, the time keeper will revert to a running clock in the 3rd period. The clock will remain running until the score differential is 4 or less, at which the stop-clock will be reemployed. All coaches are required to utilize all appropriate means to prevent their team from running up the score on an opponent. 

All games have a 1-hour curfew, except playoffs and championship games. When the remaining game time equals the time left to curfew, the clock shall be kept running. 

CRHL League Structure

Littleton Hockey will self-declare teams in to the Red Division and White Division. Each team will have 11 games played prior to December 31, 2018. At this time, the CRHL will evaluate the standings and team performance to see if any movement is necessary between the two divisions in each age group. 

Starting January 1, 2019, the standings will be cleared for the previous 11 games. The new divisions will play 6 more games to determine seeding for the playoffs.* 

*Please note, the Squirts will play 8 games before December 31, 2018 and 7 games in their adjusted divisions. 

How Do I Register?

To register for a Littleton Recreational League, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Select the "Player Registration" link in the left menu.
  2. Log-in using your information from last season, or create an account.
  3. Make sure you have your USA Hockey # and follow the instructions. 

If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact Beth Lindemann.

If you have any questions regarding LHA's Rec Program, please contact Brian TenEyck.

Shawn Rafferty

LHA Recreational Director

Phone: 720-233-7649