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What Do My Registration Fees Cover?


Hockey can be an expensive sport. From equipment and league fees and travel and private training, the costs certainly can add up. This document is intended to help LHA Members understand the LHA fees and what is covered.

At Littleton Hockey, there are association fees and team fees. Association fees cover ice, officials, association overhead, league dues (playoffs), uniform and coaching costs. Certain levels have an apparel package and provide each player a team bag and travel bag. Team fees cover tournaments, coach travel, team activities, manager stipend (only certain levels) and end of season gatherings. If you play Tier II at LHA, your team fees also cover your manager’s travel. 

All team fees can be offset by fundraising. 


  • Ice is the largest expense the association has each season. Ice costs accounts for roughly 50% of each player’s registration fee. The Ice Ranch and The Edge charge different amounts for an hour of ice and LHA has to find the average of these two costs based on the estimated percentage of time at each facility. LHA does not pay for each hour of ice individually. Instead, LHA pays for “block” hours. For example, LHA may have 6 hours of “block” ice on Saturday, but only have 5 hours of usable ice as the association pays for the ice makes. This means the average ice cost between the two facilities is increases between 17% and 25% from the hourly rate. 
  • Overhead – this is the second largest expense in your player’s registration fee. Overhead includes salaries, LHA’s HOC Coaching Budget, office rental, accounting and tax prep, credit card fees, scholarships and other necessary fixed costs. 
  • Uniform Expense and Apparel – this fee varies between Tier II, Travel, Rec and U8. Tier II and Travel teams share the same uniforms. These uniforms include home/away jerseys/socks, pant shells covers and helmet decals. The Rec program receives home/away reversible jerseys, one pair of socks and helmet decals. The U8s receive one jersey, one pair of socks and helmet decals. All AA teams have an apparel package that is designed by the staff at LHA and is expected to be worn when traveling. Travel teams have a dry land apparel package. There is no apparel package for Rec and U8 players. 
  • Officiating fees vary by level. A Midget Major AA game costs $190 for the officials. A Squirt A game costs $65.00. The association takes an estimated number of home games times the cost for that level of hockey and shares that with an average number of players on a team. 
  • League Fees are covered in your registration fees. Tier II teams will pay more in their league fees. The Travel and Rec teams have league fees that are set by the leagues to cover playoffs and league administrative costs. U8s do not play in a league and do not pay a league fee. 
  • The Tier II teams (boys and girls) can travel up to 7 times each season. In the registration fee, LHA provides a equipment bag and travel bag for each player. 
  • Off-ice training is an important part to a player’s development. It can also be expensive. At LHA, only the Girls Tier II, Peewee Travel and Squirt Travel have off-ice training included in the registration fee. Any other team looking to provide this option will collect the fees through their team account. 



  • Tournaments 
    • Each tournament will cost roughly $100 per player. This is just for the registration fee of the tournament. For tournaments hosted by LHA, a host team will receive a discount in their registration fee. 
  • Coach Travel Expenses
    • LHA recognizes the commitment from every volunteer. The expense for coaches to travel is different by level. All members of a coaching staff have their travel covered at the Tier II CSDHL level, This is different at the Squirt and Rec level. It is best to consult the LHA Member Handbook for an understanding of coach travel fees. 
  • Team Meals
  • Manager Stipend
  • Dryland
  • Coach and/or player year end gifts
  • End of season party




  • Parent Travel
    • Airfare
    • Hotel
    • Car Rental
  • Player Equipment
    • Sticks
    • Protective Gear
    • Tape/skate sharpenings