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Coach's Corner

2018 LHA Coaching Checklist

The following will detail everything that must be completed to be eligible as a coach for the coming season. LHA is requiring that all coaches, head and assistant, have the first six items completed by September 4, 2018. USA Hockey requires that the online age-specific module be done before a coach can be on the ice. If the items are not completed, you will not be permitted to coach until completed.

All U8 Coaches must have the first six requirements completed by October 1, 2018. Please submit earlier if possible.

  1. 1. USA Hockey Registration
  2. 2. CAHA Background Check
  3. 3. USA Hockey SafeSport Certification 
  4. 4. CDC Concussion Training
  5. 5. USA Hockey Age-Specific Module
  6. 6. USA Hockey Coaching Clinic

To confirm your CEP #, completed modules and CEP Expiration, please click here.

Littleton Hockey Coaching Registration - all documents can be uploaded here.

  • When uploading your documents, please make sure they are a .jpg or a .pdf under 10 MB.

Explanation on each requirement:

  1. USA Hockey Registration: Annual registration. You will receive an electronic copy of your registration from USA Hockey.
  2. USA Hockey SafeSport Certification: A 90-minute video with tests. This is a 2-year certification. 
  3. CAHA Background Check: Annual registration with no cost. You need to make sure you select Littleton Youth Hockey Association and the correct level you are coaching. You will need to print a copy of your registration from CAHA. This requirement has nothing to do with your CEP Certification.
  4. Online Concussion Training: Annual certification with no cost. You must have this completed before you can be added to any roster. You will receive a certificate and email confirmation.
  5. These modules are available in August. Must be completed before being eligible to coach. 
  6. The Coaching Education Program must be completed by December 15, 2018. Brian TenEyck will be hosting the following clinics in Littleton.
    1. October 13 - Goodson Rec Center - Level 1
    2. November 17 - Goodson Rec Center - Level 2
    3. December 1 - Goodson Rec Center - Level 3


All coaches on a Tier roster (national-bound) must get their level 4 in their 4th year of coaching if you have your level 3. The 2-year level 3 exemption and recertifications do not apply for Tier rosters.


This is an example of why we DO NOT need to work on power play at Squirt and Peewee. Our focus needs to be on skill development and tactics. Without passing (skill) and recognizing a 2-on-1 (tactic), these types of goals would not be possible. 

Focus on long-term development. A skilled player with an understanding of tactics will have long-term success.

Penalty vs Penalty Shot

High Sticking


Contact vs Checking

Intentional Off-Side

2-Man vs 3-Man System

Elbowing / Head Contact


Becoming An Official