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Recreational Program

Melissa Vonde

LHA Rec Liaison

Phone: 720-987-5951

LHA Joins The Colorado Recreational Hockey League

LHA is very happy to announce that we have joined the Colorado Recreational Hockey League (CRHL). The Denver North House League (DNHL) and C470 League combined to form the CYRHL is a new league for 2016-2017.

The mission of the CRHL is to emphasize skill development with a recreational component. The goal of the CRHL is to encourage a FUN environment in a recreational skill development setting.

Member Teams



Colorado Jr. Eagles


Hyland Hills


Northern Colorado




The CRHL is a tiered program to create like competition. There will be three tiers within each division, Red (experienced), White (intermediate) and Blue (Novice). Teams play a 5-game evaluation to determine and confirm tier placement. Following the evaluation, teams will be tiered as directed by the CRHL and the association hockey directors.

LHA Recreational Program

The Littleton Hockey Association is dedicating a large amount of its resources to offering a great experience in our Recreational Program. LHA's Rec Teams have been very successful over the years and have hung championship banners at Squirt, Peewee, Bantam and Midget levels. We plan on having up to ten teams participating in the Colorado Youth Recreational Hockey League (CYRHL) for the 2016-2017 season.

The 2016-2017 Recreational Program will start in September. The first three practices will be used to evaluate the players and draft equal teams at each level. Weekday practices take place on Wednesday evening. Weekend practice times will vary. Games will not be scheduled until October. The game schedule will be posted as soon as the details are finalized. LHA only controls the start times of home games. It is up to the other associations as to when LHA's "away" games will be played. 

Game Format

Squirt/Peewee/Bantam - 3-minute warm-up, 1 minute between periods (or referee discretion), Two-run time 12 minute periods. Third period will be 12 minute stop time. Immediately following the game, both teams will play 5-puck. 5-puck takes roughly 5-minutes to complete. Teams are allowed one 30-second timeout per game.

Midget - 3-minute warm-up, 1 minute between periods. The 1st and 2nd periods are to be 15 minute run clock. The 3rd period will be 12-minute stop-time. Each team is allowed one 30-second timeout per game.

Mercy Rule (Bantam/Midget) - In the event of a score differential of 5 or more goals, the time keeper will revert to a running clock in the 3rd period. The clock will remain running until the score differential is 4 or less, at which the stop-clock will be reemployed. All coaches are required to utilize all appropriate means to prevent their team from running up the score on an opponent. 

All games have a 1-hour curfew, except playoffs and championship games. When the remaining game time equals the time left to curfew, the clock shall be kept running. 

Modified Check

Modified Check: Full open ice checks to separate the puck from the puck carrier are not allowed. Along the boards in any part of the rink players can use a pinch or gain control through body position on the boards (meaning a certain amount of body contact is tolerated). What is penalized is checking the player into the boards and then gaining control of the puck as a result of the body-check. When a puck is not in possession of either team, reasonable contact will be acceptable as players attempt to gain possession of the puck. Again, player’s must be playing the puck and not use a body-check to gain possession of the puck. There is a certain amount of judgment used in these games. Players who play the puck first rarely get penalized for incidental contact, only when the degree of contact has injury potential and must be called.


At the conclusion of regulation, players return to their respective benches. Goalies will switch ends, to be shot on by opposing team. 5 pucks will be lined up just above each blue line, 5 pucks per team. Players exit from bench doors closest to the red line. On referee whistle one player from each team hits the ice, grabs a puck and shoots on the goalie. If the goal is scored, player must skate quickly to the Blue line. Next player in line cannot hit the ice until player who scored crosses the Blue line. If the shot is not scored, player must retrieve the puck and pass it to next person in line. Continue until all 5 pucks are scored. First team to score all 5 goals is the winner of 5 puck. 


The members of LHA's Recreational Program will receive an average of one 70-minute practice each week and up to three weekend practices per month. The weekday practices will be shared with another LHA team. Weekend practices can be a combination of shared and full-ice sessions. Most weekday practices are at South Suburban Ice Arena in Littleton, Colorado and in a consistent time slot.

LHA Recreational teams will play 14-16 league games in the CYRHL and are guaranteed to play 1 playoff game. The House teams can participate in three in-state tournaments during the season. Only those players attending a tournament are responsible for the tournament entry fee. This must be decided by the team at the beginning of the season. Once a family commits to playing in a tournament, they will be responsible for the tournament entry fee, travel and possible hotel stay.

Need to Register?

 To register for a Littleton House team in the C470 League, please follow these guidelines:

1. Click on "Player Registration" tab at left or click here.

2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to Program Listings.

3. Click on the link for the player's age level. Note: Though each link says "Returning Player Registration", these links also are New or Returning In House players.

4. Read info and click "Register Now" button.

5. Create an account.

6. Choose In House option on registration form and complete it.